Management & Business Consulting

Helping firms to develop strategies that offer their services to Airlines and Airports.

Checked Baggage & Cargo Systems

Provide airports and airlines with a single source of contact for Baggage Handling & Cargo Systems Design, Installation, Software Controls, Integration, On-site Quality Control, Commissioning and Decommission on new and existing systems.

Modeling – Simulations & Emulations

Provide customers with simulations and emulations on Baggage & Cargo Systems, and Construction Projects. This allows our team and the customer to see the behavior of the system, make changes and gain additional information about the project prior to construction.

Program/ Project Management

Our Program Management Office (PMO) manages all projects. It helps our Team to make good decisions about all phases from conceptual design all the way to project completion. The PMO’s expertise in project management tools improves the success rate of projects, which assists the organization in controlling costs.

Baggage & Cargo Systems Maintenance

Our staff is experienced and highly trained on all systems. We conduct on-site training, assist personnel in maintaining maintenance history and develop training manuals and checklist in accordance with Manufacturer specifications to be followed on a daily basis.

Site Supervision

Our supervision and site project support personnel have over four decades of experience in the Construction, and Baggage & Cargo Industry. Their collective knowledge creates an environment of continuous improvement and learning. Our Site Management teams are staffed by both hourly and salary personnel who are highly experienced and have a long tenure of successful performance on a variety of projects.

Airport Operations /Airfield Maintenance /Safety Management

Creative Airport & Aviation Business Solutions, Inc. train airport personnel in Airport Certification and Security Training, and conduct Airport Safety and Certification Assessments. We prepare Airport Emergency Plans and provide training on the Safety Management Program.

Air Traffic Control & Ramp Control Operations

Creative Airport & Aviation Business Solutions, Inc. offers consulting services in the following areas to ensure all Airports, FAA, and Contracted Air Traffic Control Facilities are operated safely by identifying, analyzing, and mitigating risk to protect the flying public. CAABS recommendations reflect current domestic and international practices.